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  • Anthony Flounders

Maximum Virus Protection with Fellowes Air Purifiers

AeraMax Professional air purification units from Fellowes are commercial grade machines that remove viruses from the air. People are more likely to catch the flu and other viruses through the air and not surfaces.

Schools, offices, retail establishments, assisted living facilities, and many more businesses are partnering with Fellowes to make their buildings more prepared to remove airborne particles like viruses, now and in the future. Fellowes EnviroSmart Technology will react to not only the air quality of the room, but also the occupancy of the room, to ensure efficient cleaning and longevity of the filters. PureView Technology will provide a real-time view of the air being cleaned (both in a PM2.5 reading, as well as a percentage of particles being captured).

Not all air purifiers are the same. Competitors warn against not leaving their own units plugged in for long periods of time, time-consuming monthly maintenance, or even potentially harmful technologies with little peer reviewed tests. Fellowes is a 24/7 solution that will read and react to the room's air quality needs and occupancy and go into a standby mode when not needed.

Fellowes will also provide third-party certificates from accredited labs showing 99.99% capture rate of HCov-229E, a surrogate coronavirus of same size and shape as the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. Fellowes also has a certificate showing 99.9% capture of the H1N1 flu virus.

Check out the training video below on the AeraMax Professional units, and contact your local ADMA rep for a demo and more information about your facility's needs.

Trust Fellowes, a 4th generation family run company that has been selling air purification for almost a decade.


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